Photo Gallery

Below you will find a sample of the dental treatment provided by Waiheke dentist, Dr Mike Stevens for our patients:

Before & After images of a Chipped Filling Repair.
Before & After Images of a Failing Amalgam Filling Repair.
Before & After Images of a Chipped Incisor Repair.
Before & After Images of a Decaying Molar Filling Repair.
Before & After Images of a Cracked and Decaying tooth around a Filling.
Before & After Images of a Fractured Cusp Repair.
Before & After Images of a Decayed Front Tooth Treatment Repair.
Before & After Images of a Decayed and Cracked Molar Repair.

Before and After Take Home Bleach Kit Treatment
Before Veneers Before Veneers
This patient was unhappy about the look of his front teeth especially the crowding.
After Veneers After Veneers
Rather than having orthodontics he choose 12 veneers which also allowed him to change tooth shade, shape & alignment.
Fractured Tooth Before Fractured tooth before
Lower right molar tooth with a cusp fractured off due to a traumatic accident before repair.
Fractured tooth after
The lower right molar after being repaired with tooth coloured composite filling.
Darkened upper front tooth before internal bleaching procedure.
The same upper front tooth after internal bleaching procedure
Implants with healing collars
Integrated implants with healing collars attached ready for restoring
Implants uncovered
Uncovered implants (with collars off) before impression to make crown restorations.
Crowns on implants
Finished treatment with crowns attached to implants.
‘Lump’ on tongue
Before laser surgery to remove tissue ‘lump’ on tongue caused by habitual tongue biting.
3 weeks post-op
3 weeks later at next visit completely healed! Patient reported it had been like this for about 2 weeks!