Welcome to the Waiheke Dental Centre

About Mike Stevens

Dr. Mike Stevens

Dr. Mike Stevens, your Waiheke dentist, is delighted to be located on Waiheke Island and greatly enjoys serving the dental needs of the people of Waiheke. With his wife Julie, Mike bought the Waiheke Dental Centre in 1999...
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Welcoming New Patients

We welcome new patients

Are you new to the island and need a new dentist? Are you wanting to transfer to us? Dentistry has changed dramatically over the last few years - we now use new technologies and minimally invasive techniques...
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Tips For Your Oral Health

Renew your tooth brush every two months

We offer simple and easy suggestions for looking after your teeth and gums!
Throw away your old toothbrush, floss your teeth regularly, eat healthily, clean your tongue...
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