Braces on Waiheke – Part 1

We offer orthodontic services using both Fastbraces® Technology and Myofunctional Research Co® technologies.

In this article we’ll look at Fastbraces.

Fastbraces is great for sorting out front teeth that are out-of-line, twisted or tilted. It is suitable for both adults and adolescents. It is able to be used for a number of orthodontic issues you just need a brief free consultation to discover if it is right for you. Fastbraces® were developed to straighten teeth differently. Fastbraces® does this using a revolutionary system of fast, safe, easy and affordable braces that is changing the field of orthodontics.

Traditional braces move teeth into position in two stages, usually over a period of about two years. In the first year, the crown of the tooth is moved into alignment. In the second year, treatment addresses the position of the root of the tooth.

The brackets used with Fastbraces® work on a different mechanical principle altogether.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 6.21.05 pm

The patented innovative system corrects and realigns the root and crown simultaneously. Fastbraces® Technology gently allows for movement of the roots of the teeth towards their final position from the onset of treatment thus completing treatment from 3 months to about a year. Some patients see results in just weeks! Fastbraces® is more affordable as in most cases, treatment typically takes just a few visits at the dentist’s office. Less visits mean less money spent, less petrol used getting to and from the dentist’s office and less time off school or work!

With the cases already underway we are getting great results!

More information can be found at these web addresses: &

If you are interested in Fastbraces® or Myofunctional Research treatment, the first step to a great smile is to meet one-on-one with Dr. Michael Stevens to determine if you are a candidate for either of the systems. Dr. Michael Stevens then does a free exam of your mouth and smile. The next step, is impressions and x-rays to help Dr. Michael Stevens create a customised treatment plan designed specifically for your smile.

Phone (09) 372 7422 to book in!


How is sugar bad for our teeth again?

We’ve all been told before that sugar is the enemy of our beloved tooth enamel, but here are those details that are handy to know…

Your mouth contains the natural bacteria Streptococcus. Once combined with sugar, this bacteria breaks sugar down into acids that eat away at your tooth enamel. The visible parts of your teeth are generally more safe than other areas (like crevices or areas around the gum line); when you brush your teeth or drink water the acids are mostly washed away. However, when the acids are tucked away somewhere in your mouth, they have more time to eat away at your teeth!

Our lovely hygienist Melanie has a good tip for your cleaning routine; when you floss, do it before you brush so areas that may have been blocked or covered before flossing can now be cleaned!

Check out this short video on how tooth decay occurs: Tooth Decay — How it Happens and How to Avoid it

Quick update on Fastbraces® Waiheke

Fastbraces® is great for sorting out front teeth that are out-of-line, twisted or tilted.

It’s suitable for both adults and adolescents, and it’s able to be used for a number of orthodontic issues; you just need to book a free consultation with us to discover if it is right for you!

Traditional braces move teeth into position in two stages, usually over a period of about two years.  However, Fastbraces® uses an innovative triangular bracket and a specially shaped square wire to correct the position of the root of the tooth, from the beginning of treatment. Some patients see results in just weeks!

Since Fastbraces® Technology was first introduced in 1992; there have been great success stories around the world. Both children and adults have seen the benefits of this innovative system. The confidence that is gained from having a healthy, beautiful smile is priceless.

To read more about the technology click here

Or, visit for more amazing stories. You can also visit the Fastbraces® YouTube channel for interesting videos on Fastbraces®.

Yikes! Toddlers with rotten teeth!

This will shock you!

Dentist Rob Beaglehole describes his recent experiences and having to extract teeth from a child only 18 months old in an article published by yesterday.


The article states:

“Each year 35,000 children aged under 12 have rotten teeth extracted because of excessively sugary diets”

“Struggling through school with the pain and distraction of rotting teeth could cause behavioural and development problems, while the early loss of baby teeth could cause adult teeth to grow irregularly and trigger the need for braces and other orthodontic interventions, Beaglehole said.”


This rings alarm bells for us! We must remember that healthy food keeps healthy teeth!

Take a look at the article published by yesterday on this and looking at the sugar some children are getting in their diet!

We hosted a Free Dental Day!

On Saturday the 16th May the team at Waiheke Dental Centre hosted a Free Dental Day as part of a nation wide initiative by the New Zealand Dental Association (NZDA) and the Southern Cross Health Trust.

We wanted to help out those of our local community who have trouble getting dental care. We also wanted to raise awareness of the services available to you if you are on a low income.

Dr. Mike in action!

Assisted by two dentists from Auckland; Dr. Cameron Roling in the morningand Dr. Jacy Lin in the afternoon, Dr. Mike and the team treated 31 Waihekeans. Treatments ranged from a simple scale and polish to fillings and both simple and complex extractions. At the end of the day, everyone said it was a wonderful day and wished to do it again in the future. Smiles from the patients were everything we could’ve hoped for!

Dr. Cameron RolingDr. Jacy Lin






Both the NZDA and Southern Cross are already looking at offering this again in November to reach up to 1500 patients in New Zealand this year as part of the Smile New Zealand project.


Festive Season Hours

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Reopen 9:15am Monday 5th Jan
For Emergency advice & care phone Dr Mike on 027 480-4220

Fastbraces® have made their way to Waiheke!

We are excited to announce the beginning of a new chapter for Waiheke Dental Centre; being the provider of Fastbraces®.

Dr. Michael Stevens is now a proud Fastbraces® provider and is eager to get started.

Developed and tested over the past 20 years, Fastbraces® Technology is now becoming available in countries (and islands) around the world.

For more info check our Fastbraces page and

What our patients say about us…

We recently conducted an anonymous satisfaction survey with our patients. Overall, respondents liked the way we do things.


Nearly 100% of people found making the appointments easy, the process easy, and the staff helpful, polite and considerate – “Everyone is friendly and helpful”.

Similarly the facilities themselves rated highly, except music (83% found the music pleasant), so as a result we have freshened up the decor and have a wider selection of music.

Other comments that were made in relation to the general atmosphere at Waiheke Dental Centre  were – “Warm in winter”, “Nice garden outlook”, and “I can read the herald when I arrive”.


We would also like to report that all the staff were rated highly (97%-100%) – “Melanie is great and she always makes me at ease”.

In relation to treatment we found that we explain treatments and give alternatives well, as well as completing treatments with quality and in a friendly and efficient way.

Fees were rated as fair by 85% of respondents, with 15% unsure and  0% unfair, some patient comments were: “Make it cheaper”, and “Cost is similar to other dentists”. From these responses we feel there is a balanced response to our fees.


Thank you for your responses, we are always looking to improve and we welcome your feedback!

NZMID Conference

On the 18th September Dr Mike travelled down to Taupo for the New Zealand Institute of Minimal Intervention Dentistry (NZIMID) Members Only Meeting.

Following the meeting on the 19th & 20th Mike returned with fresh ideas from the meeting. Guest speakers included; Dr Clarence Tam, Dr Deona Grobler-Murray and other various members (including Dr Mike).

PicMonkey Collage

Dr Clarence Tam spoke on new “super composites” to get great looking fillings, rebuilding to mimic what nature originally provided.


dee-096_cropped-2Deona Grobler-Murray then spoke about colour matching, the different ceramic onlays, veneers and crowns for fabulous long lasting restorations utilising milling to shape them.


Dr Mike presented on the use of Biodentine for deeply decayed teeth. Other various NZIMID members who presented spoke briefly on topics as varied as orthodontics, dealing with very deep decay and a new semi processed composite overlay for use in surgery.



New Payment Options!


We are super excited to announce that Waiheke Dental Centre is now offering extended payment options to our patients!

We can now offer 3 months interest free on dental treatments if you use Q Card. (We have application details at Reception if you need them).


Farmers Card Logo


      We also take Farmers Finance Card.